AGM of AS Harju Elekter that took place on April 28, 2016 confirmed the new version of the Articles of Association and decided to introduce a no par value shares. AGM also approved the decision to reduce the share capital of the company by 1.2 million euros by decreasing the book value of the shares. The reduction of the share capital was registered in the Commercial Register on October 18, 2016. At December 31, 2016, the share capital of AS Harju Elekter is 11.18 million euros, which is divided into 17.74 million no par value shares. The book value of a share is 0.63 euros. The symbol of an AS Harju Elekter share in NASDAQ is HAE1T. ISIN: EE3100004250. All shares are freely negotiable on the stock exchange and each share confers an equal right to vote and to receive a dividend. All the shareholders of the company are equal and there are no separate restrictions or agreements concerning the right to vote. According to the information available to AS Harju Elekter the agreements concluded with the shareholders do not include any restrictions related to the transfer of shares; neither do they include any specific power of audit. 

The trading history of Harju Elekter shares

2016 2015 2014 2013
Highest price
2.94 3.14 2.85 2.92 2.80
Lowest price
2.43 2.49 2.52 2.46 2.30
Closing price
2.83 2.63 2.79 2.70 2.64
Change (%)
7.6 -5.7 3.3 2.3 15.8
No of traded shares (million)
0.947 1,086 0.801 0.936
2.45 2.98 2.17 2.48 1.88
Market value(million)
50.20 46.66 48.55 46.98 45.94

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