Acquisition of two companies increases the capacity of Harju Elekter on the Swedish market

Harju Elekter Group has been active on the Swedish market for nearly eight years, delivering substations and industrial automation solutions to Swedish clients. At the end of last year, Harju Elekter bought two companies in Sweden – Sebab AB and its affiliate Grytek AB, which increased the product portfolio of the Group and helped it to enter promising new market segments.

Also, the capacity of Harju Elekter to offer its Swedish customers more complicated full technical solutions increased, and when the Group grows, it opens up opportunities for the cooperation with ever bigger partners and clients.

‘Today, Sweden is investing heavily in the energy sector. They are upgrading substations, power networks. If the Swedish market was previously comparatively conservative, then they are now actively seeking out new solutions and partners. In addition to expanding the product portfolio, the growth of the Group also leads to the creation of an image of a worthy partner in the eyes of customers and enables us to participate in important procurements,’ said Andres Allikmäe, Chairman of the Management Board of Harju Elekter. A good example of trust is the recent procurement victory together with the biggest Swedish distribution company E.ON Energidistribution AB. ‘This is a really positive breakthrough for us’.

Sebab AB specialises in the development of medium- and low-voltage solutions necessary for the production and distribution of energy. The main product of Grytek AB is technical houses with different shapes, designed for various purposes. Technical buildings are designed pursuant to need, as either large capacity with installed technical devices, such as power or pump stations, or in the form of smaller solutions, for example, for telecommunications or power distribution equipment. ‘This is not a new product for the Group – we have manufactured a large number of these buildings at our Finnish as well as Estonian plants; however, we now also have the possibility to bring the product to our Swedish clients,’ Allikmäe said. According the to the Chairman of the Management Board, in addition to simply building the houses it is also possible to utilise intra-group knowhow when it comes to installing technical solutions inside of the houses. ‘We have very powerful development teams in many countries and this is a product that could potentially be introduced into the Swedish market. In addition to traditional substations as well as low-voltage products and automation solutions’.

As of 2018, Harju Elekter Group is comprised of a total of 13 companies: 4 in Finland, 4 in Estonia, 2 in Lithuania and 3 in Sweden. Also, the staff of the Group increased to nearly 700 people with the purchase of the Swedish companies.