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  Dear customers and partners!
  RIFAS UAB - Lithuanian subsidiary of Harju Elekter Group
  Harju Elekter in Sweden
  Telesilta - a new member of the Harju Elekter Group
  A new production hall was opened in Allika Industrial Park
Dear customers and partners!

Active and successful operations are rushing the calendar. We have reached the autumn of 2017 without even noticing it. For Harju Elekter Group, this has been a year of changes, growth and searching, but also one of the most successful years in the company’s history. I am pleased that together with our motivated and inspiring team we are able to meet the expectations of customers from different fields and, together with our loyal partners, hopefully even exceed them. There is an Estonian proverb that states – one who does a lot, achieves a lot. I am extremely happy to see that Energo Veritas OÜ, in Estonia, and Telesilta Oy, in Finland, have joined the Harju Elekter Group this year.

In doing so, we have expanded our profile significantly, which now enables us to offer better solutions in the project and wholesale area, and to take bolder steps in the area of electricity and automation solutions in ship-building.

Andres Allikmäe
Harju Elekter Group, CEO

I assure our good customers and partners that our teams at different venues have been well supplemented with experienced and motivated employees. We are maintaining our strong position on the Finnish market and taking brave steps in the direction of Sweden. We want to be your first and justified choice as a partner in your successful businesses.
RIFAS UAB - Lithuanian subsidiary of Harju Elekter Group

RIFAS UAB has been a part of the Harju Elekter Group since 2003. The Lithuanian subsidiary of the Group is focussing on the development and contractual production of products and solutions for systems integrators in the marine and industry sector.

The knowledge and capability of people have consistently grown, and given its unique skills, the RIFAS team is today able to offer solutions and products that meet almost every need of our customers.

On a daily basis, the company is concentrating on improving the operations that are related to quality, reliability and professional contract-based production. To ensure sustainable activity, but also to expand the company’s opportunities in the future, several internal as well as external changes have been made recently.

The company resembles its manager. The former business development manager, Tomas Prūsas (born 1978), was named the CEO of RIFAS starting from August. He has bachelor’s degree of electronics engineering and management from Kaunas University of Technology (2001), and international trade M.B.A. from University of Vilnius (2006). He has been working in the Harju Elekter Group since 2014.

The core of RIFAS technical capability is a highly qualified team of electrical and mechanical engineers. Close cooperation with partners and suppliers is the best way to achieve one’s goals and supply products and solutions on time. ‘This is why we are sure that Danfoss Drives, Rolls-Royce Marine, Andritz, Kongsberg Maritime, Siemens as well as our other customers will get high-quality tailored low-voltage metering cabinets, MCCs, integrated actuator systems and other products-solutions ordered by them on time,’ confirmed Tomas Prūsas, CEO of RIFAS.

The first challenge for the new manager is to create a sufficient number of excellent jobs to ensure a growing flow of orders and production volume. To hire high-level specialists and offer both new and existing employees of RIFAS competitive remuneration compared to their competitors in neighbouring countries.

On the other hand, he highlights the Rolls-Royce Marine prize, awarded this year to RIFAS, which was given to the company for its successful innovation in developing, engineering and manufacturing of complex vessel system. ‘This award is a big achievement for every employee in RIFAS,’ says Tomas Prūsas and adds that this also shows the maturity and great ambitions of the company. In addition, the company began fulfilling orders to Siemens as well as to other large customers. Through the years, RIFAS has constantly increased its production capacity and today, construction of new production facilities is once again on the agenda. During next 2-3 years, the production space will be expanded from 2,500 m2 to 7,500 m2 to be ready for new challenging projects.

Harju Elekter in Sweden

Following the development strategy of Harju Elekter Group, a representative and sales organisation, Harju Elekter AB, was opened in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2010. Over the period of seven years, the Harju Elekter Group has continuously expanded its sales on the Swedish market, offering our customers a wide range of products from the Group’s companies, above all electro-technical products.

Starting this September, the sales manager for Harju Elekter AB, Magnus Anundsson, will be responsible for organising the business activity and customer relations directed towards Sweden. Magnus has a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Chalmers University, in Gothenburg (2009), and has previously sold power products at ABB and drive systems at Gycom.

Harju Elekter AB
Magnus Anundsson
sales manager
mob +46 70 377 37 67, magnus.anundsson@harjuelekter.se
Per-Göran Bjon, agent
mob +46 70 546 8875, pg@harjuelekter.se
Peter Olveren, agent
mob +46 70 633 6550, peter.olveren@harjuelekter.se
Telesilta - a new member of the Harju Elekter Group

On 2 June 2017, AS Harju Elekter signed a contract for the purchase of all shares in Telesilta Oy, an electrical engineering company specializing in electrical contracting for the shipbuilding industry. After the transaction, Telesilta Oy will continue to operate under its own name and brand as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group. Telesilta Oy is an electrical engineering company established in 1978, located in Uusikaupunki, Finland.

The company specializes in electrical contracting for the shipbuilding industry – everything from planning to installation, implementation and service. The annual sales revenue of the company was 4.5 million euros in 2016, and the company employs 30 people.

The purchase will provide new knowledge and skills in manufacture and installation of the electrical and automation equipment for ships, and opens the door to the promising Finnish shipbuilding sector.

A new production hall was opened in Allika Industrial Park

The Allika Industrial Park is being developed by Harju Elekter, who established the Stera factory as a turnkey solution, by investing into the construction and giving the completed factory building to Stera in the form of a long-term lease. The building was built by the Construction Company Rand & Tuulberg. When delivering the symbolic key to Mr. Endel Palla, Ch of the Supervisory Board of Harju Elekter, Mr. Raivo Rand, Ch of the construction company’s Supervisory Board, praised the client for their cooperation, stating that the completed building is certain to be a candidate for the title of the best concrete building of the year. Mr. Palla, in turn, commended the manufacturer of concrete elements and the Saue Rural Municipality Government, on whose lands the Allika Industrial Park is located, for the proper and fast handling of matters. Instead of a traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony, a metal cutter was used to engrave Stera’s name and the date of opening the factory onto slabs. The factory was opened by Mrs. Urve Palo, Estonian Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology; Mrs. Kirsti Narinen, Finnish Ambassador to Estonia; the CEO of Stera Group, Mr. Heikki Ajanko; the Mayor of Turku, Mr. Aleksi Randell; and the CEO of Stera Saue AS, Mr. Veiko Vaher. The opening was followed by an excursion in the production hall, presentations and greetings.

The total area of the Allika Industrial Park is 30 ha which, according to the current detailed plan, is divided into 18 properties fitted with utility networks. Each property has central water and sewage supply and a local heating system (electricity, liquid fuel, or gas). The construction of the whole complex and the starting of operations will be possible approx. 12 months after obtaining the initial assignment and agreeing upon the specifications. Rental prices are subject to negotiations and depend on the client’s specific requests. Developing industrial real estate as an industrial producer makes it much easier to anticipate clients’ needs, gives the ability to ask the right questions and to point out any issues and possible solutions to the client. More information is available at http://harjuelekter.ee/content/real-estate-projects or from Mr Aron Kuhi-Thalfeldt, head of the real estate and energy services at Harju Elekter, ph +372 674 7421.

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