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  Harju Elekter invites you to visit trade fairs
  Large orders received by Harju Elekter Elektrotehnika
  Harju Elekter merged their metal factories
  Developing industrial real estate as a manufacturer
Dear clients, partners, colleagues!

2016 will be remembered as a year of bold changes in the Harju Elekter Group, along with investments into future development in the name of successful cooperation. We have merged and reinforced our sheet metal production capacity, won new high-volume contracts. In order to ensure our clients’ satisfaction, we have changed and are continuing to change the operation of our organisation, converging the development of our factories, our resources and investments.

In 2017, Harju Elekter Group will continue what was started last year, focusing both on the performance of new contracts as well as creating an even more tangible capacity in terms or our production, development and team.

Andres Allikmäe
Managing Director/CEO
Harju Elekter Group

It is our goal to share with you important news and information and to be present at various trade fairs in Finland and Sweden. We wish to be as open as possible, listen to our clients and partners, be a step ahead of the expectations for cooperation, and invest in a sustainable future. I hope that you will find a lot of interesting reading material and fresh ideas in this issue of the Harju Elekter Group’s e-Magazine.

Wishing you all a successful and happy 2017.

Harju Elekter invites you to visit trade fairs

For Harju Elekter, 2017 will be another important year of trade fairs. The year’s biggest trade fairs – where Harju Elekter will be present with its display – are the Verkosto, held in January, in Tampere, and Elfack, held in Gothenburg, in May. Both of the fairs are held once every two years and bring together professionals in their respective fields from across the Nordic countries.

Verkosto will take place on 25–26 January and is this year’s most important trade fair in Finland in the energy distribution sector. The product range of Harju Elekter Group will be presented in the joint display by the sales representatives and engineers of the subsidiaries Satmatic Oy, Finnkumu Oy and Harju Elekter Elektrotehnika AS. Harju Elekter Group will be occupying display stand number A 828.

Satmatic Oy will be presenting at the fair various low-voltage and industrial automation solutions, preheating devices for cars and charging solutions for electrical cars, and solutions related to solar energy and the smart grid.

Finnkumu Oy will be at the fair this time with a pre-fabricated compactsubstation compatible with a smart grid. The medium voltage section of the substation is fitted with air-insulated switchgear with vacuum circuit breakers. To enable remote control, the switches are motorised and the substation is fitted with a RTU device.

Harju Elekter Elektrotehnika AS will be presenting one its their newest products: a 315kVA single transformer non walk-in type sheet metal substation,  that has been developed especially for the Finnish market and has already received a warm welcome from the biggest Finnish  utility companies.

More details about the fair: http://www.verkostomessut.fi/
For free admission: http://ilmoittaudu.tampereenmessut.fi/ilmoittautuminen/index.tmpl?lid=168

Elfack 2017 will be held on 9–12 May, in Gothenburg, and is the largest trade fair in the energy distribution sector in the Nordic countries. Most of the biggest players in the field will be represented at the trade fair, using the four days to present their products and services to more than 25,000 visitors. The product range of Harju Elekter Group will be presented by the sales representatives and engineers of Harju Elekter Elektrotehnika AS.

Harju Elekter Elektrotehnika will be presenting their solutions developed for the energy distribution sector and the display will also feature a  substation with concrete enclosure, which has been developed especially for Swedish electricity distribution networks. Harju Elekter will be occupying display stand number A01:42.

More details about the fair: https://elfack.com/
For free admission: https://elfack.com/for-besokare/entrekort/

Large orders received by Harju Elekter Elektrotehnika
Over the past few years, Harju Elekter Elektrotehnika has been focusing on export markets and cooperation with companies located in the Baltic Sea region. We have been engaged in determining the needs and expectations of clients and developing suitable corresponding projects. Several new solutions have been added to the company’s product portfolio, such as the outdoor operated prefabricated substation HEKA 1VM315 with metal casing, compliant with the SFS6001 standard, and indoor operated prefabricated substation HEKA 1SM1000 with metal casing. Cooperation with renowned specialists from different fields has gained new momentum.

For Harju Elekter, 2016 was a breakthrough year. Notably, large-volume supply contracts were concluded with grid operators in Finland, along with a commission for almost a hundred specialised substations in U.S. ports.

In order to fulfil all of the contracts and commissions, we have reviewed our production processes and are expanding our production premises. We aim to focus on our strengths and find suitable suppliers and cooperation partners who share our values.

2017 will be a challenging year for the whole enterprise, demanding dedication in each section of the work in order to justify all the expectations of our clients and to fulfil the obligations taken.

Harju Elekter has set the goal of becoming the leading producer of electrical equipment in the Baltic Sea region and being a reliable partner to all our clients, creating tailor-made solutions for them in cooperation with our partners.

The following values are important to Harju Elekter:

DEVELOPMENT: we are ready to learn and open to innovation.
We are continuously broadening our knowledge base in order to develop advanced products and services. We appreciate proposals to innovate and are ready to implement them;

COOPERATION: we work as one team.
We hear out our clients and involve partners to create products that meet the expectations of our clients;

TRUST: we do not compromise on quality!
Producing high-quality products is a matter of honour. We utilise state-of-art technology and all of the skills at our disposal to ensure that orders are filled on time.

Harju Elekter supplies prefabricated HEKA distribution network substations in concrete and metal casings to Elenia

Harju Elekter supplies prefabricated HEKA distribution network substations in concrete and metal casings to Caruna

Harju Elekter supplies specialised prefabricated HEKA substations to Konecranes

Harju Elekter merged their metal factories

Due to historic reasons, Harju Elekter Group has consolidated two factories processing sheet metal, where similar material was processed with similar equipment: AS HE Elektrotehnika and AS HE Teletehnika. Each plant had their own material storage, powder coating line as well as transport and production equipment, and the staff and the management structure were duplicated. The seasonality of commissions, the overload and shortage of work due to product commissions were an internal issue at each plant, and the distribution of commissions and workforce between the two plants was complicated.

The idea to merge those two factories into one was conceived almost 10 years ago. The idea matured into a decision, and in April 2016, the Supervisory Board of Harju Elekter adopted the decision to merge the production of sheet metal under a single enterprise, AS Harju Elekter Teletehnika. The objective was to merge the material warehouses, technological equipment, workforce and management into a single unit working towards a common goal, in order to offer the client better delivery times with greater technological opportunities and a more competitive price. This was to be carried out by August 2016, when the merged factory was supposed to be working as a single unit.

The work started with drafting the general plan for the equipment, during which the need to construct additional space arose. When the project was approved, a moving and construction schedule was compiled and set out to be realised. The new unified management structure was put in place along with the staff. Fixed assets were taken over, new employment contracts were concluded with the transferred employees. Most of the people continued what they had been doing before, some of the positions were reorganised.

The moving and modification of the equipment was largely concluded within the planned schedule. Production continued throughout the whole period, equipment was moved piece by piece. I order to do so, the precise order for moving the pieces of equipment was planned carefully. A lot of help was provided by the employees of the company, who contributed to the process with their advice and labour. Even so, the move still had an impact on supply security; however, over the course of two months, shortcomings were eliminated in cooperation with the clients and the regular course of commissions was able to continue. It was, still, the period of summer vacations and against all expectations the volume of commissions doubled. The period was very stressful. Another big challenge in the merger was merging the production software versions, as the product compositions and descriptions of technological processes had to be brought over from one company and made comprehensible for the system in the other.

When looking back at 2016, it can be said that the work has paid off and the decision to merge the plants was the only appropriate option. Today, production in the merged factory continues according to its everyday routine. For the most part, a two-shift work schedule has been implemented. It looks like 2017 is going to be a busy year. There are plans to raise both the production capacity and the operating efficiency of the factory. The re-division of production premises within the Group opens new possibilities and ideas for raising production volumes as well as technological advancements.

Developing industrial real estate as a manufacturer
Harju Elekter, which started its operations in 1968, has grown into the leading medium- and low voltage electrical and engineering equipment producer in the Baltic countries, and is a company that is known and respected in Scandinavia. In addition to its main activity, the company is also actively engaged with the development, use and rental of industrial real estate as well as the founding and starting up of industrial enterprises. Harju Elekter has long-term experience working with foreign companies (Nokia, ABB, PKC Group, Glamox, Ensto, Saajos, Inexa) by means of joint enterprises, building production premises for them and helping them to start production.

Harju Elekter is the owner of almost 70,000 m2 of industrial property located in the Keila Industrial Park and the town of Haapsalu, which is managed and rented to the group or to companies working in similar fields with it. The Group owns a total of 40 ha of land in Estonia, Finland and Lithuania, and more than 93,000 m2 of production, warehouse and office space. In October 2016, Harju Elekter bought the real estate company Kiinteistö Oy Uutvallinkulma in Finland, today called Harju Elekter Kiinteistöt Oy, which manages the production premises of the group’s Finnish subsidiaries in Kerava and Ulvila, covering a total area of 5185 m2.

In 2015, Harju Elekter acquired 14.8 ha of industrial land fitted with utility networks bordering on the Estonian capital of Tallinn. Allika Industrial Park is a great site for production, warehousing and logistics operations. The advantages of Allika Industrial Park is its location along the Paldiski Highway and great links to the Tallinn ring road and Via Baltica (E67), as well as the ports of Tallinn and Paldiski.

The total area of the industrial park is 30 ha which, according to the current detailed plan, is divided into 18 properties fitted with utility networks. Each property has central water and sewage supply and a local heating system (electricity, liquid fuel, or gas). Presently, the available electrical capacity is 3x2500 A, but additional supply connections are possible. The construction of the whole complex and the starting of operations will be possible approx. 12 months after obtaining the initial assignment and agreeing upon the specifications. Rental prices are subject to negotiations and depend on the client’s specific requests.

The first rental factory was delivered to the client by Harju Elekter in the summer of 2015. Today, there are already several production companies operating in Allika and, in the autumn of 2016, foundations were laid for another two: HE’s sectioned rental complex for production and warehousing and the production building and warehouse of Stera Technologies. In total, 12,700 m2 of multi-purpose floor area will be constructed and the 1st stage will be ready for delivery to the tenants in the first half of 2017. Harju Elekter is engaged with the sale of the Allika properties and rental of the business and production buildings in the constructed turnkey solutions, and is ready to plan, construct and rent premises covering up to 30,000 m2 according to the client’s initial assignment, if necessary including all required infrastructure, and to provide help with starting the industrial production. Developing industrial real estate as an industrial producer makes it much easier to anticipate clients’ needs, gives the ability to ask the right questions and to point out any issues and possible solutions to the client.

More information is available at http://harjuelekter.ee/content/real-estate-projects or from Mr Aron Kuhi-Thalfeldt, head of the real estate and energy services at Harju Elekter, phone +372 674 7421.

AS HARJU ELEKTER | Paldiski mnt 31, 76606 Keila, Estonia | Tel (+372) 674 7400, he@he.ee, harjuelekter.ee