Harju Elekter helps the Finns to make their electricity distribution network more weatherproof

There are nearly 80 different network service providers in Finland, and the Harju Elekter Group has cooperated with at least half of them. This is why it is vital for Harju Elekter to also be present at the bigger trade fairs in the country.

At Finland’s largest energy trade fair, SähköTeleValo, held in February, in Jyväskylä, Harju Elekter was represented with the stands of two Finnish subsidiaries, Finnkumu and Satmatic; nevertheless, the entire capacity and solutions of the Group are always sold at the exhibitions as a whole.

The photo shows how solar panels have been placed on the roof of the substation brought to the Satmatic stand. The company has strongly expanded its operations to renewable energy field and can offer solar systems in all sizes as well as larger solar power plants and solar fields.

‘At trade fairs we can demonstrate to our current and prospective customers the new solutions that we have created during the year. Secondly, this enables us to meet important customers whom we otherwise would not see on a regular basis, and also to establish new contacts,’ said Tiit Luman, Sales Director of AS Harju Elekter Elektrotehnika.

‘Two our most important innovations were made in the electric power distribution sector. At the exhibition, we presented new Finnish cable distribution cabinets, as well as the new substation solution, which we developed specifically for the Finnish market and which has been very well received over there’.

Each market has its small, distinctive nuances and technical solutions. ‘In the case of Finnish substations, we are talking about compact solutions aimed at smaller transformers of up to 315 kVa, which have been tailored to the requirements of major Finnish network companies’. According to Luman, such substations are designed mainly for the rural and low-density areas of Finland. Thanks to their compact nature, the substations can also be easily delivered to faraway locations in Northern Finland.

Specifically, Finland adopted a law recently, which establishes notably stricter requirements for operational network security. Thus, the Finnish power networks are now dealing with accelerated replacement of overhead transmission lines with underground cable lines, to make the network more weatherproof. The favourable solutions offered by Harju Elekter are crucial for the network companies to keep the costs of expensive investments even slightly under control.

Sweden is another market that Harju Elekter is focused on when it comes to developing country-specific substations. The publicly traded Estonian company is still a small player here, so there is plenty of room to grow.