Satmatic Oy

Satmatic’s core business is manufacturing of industrial automation and power supply control systems, for example, for paper, metal and mechanical engineering industry, and vehicle heating panels for car parks. According to the client groups and co-operation projects, production is divided into project- and contract-based work. Contractual clients are offered turnkey solutions - from procurement of components and material, product design, production and testing to on-site installation and tuning, if necessary. Project-based work involves mostly manufacturing of industrial automation and power supply control systems.

Satmatic Oy was established in 2002 on the basis of Siemens Oy electrical equipment production entity. (Initially Satmatic Oy was incorporated in 1988. In 1997 it merged with Siemens Osakeyhtiö and continued its activities as part of the automation and driving gear division.) According to the purchase and sale agreement signed on September 19, Harju Elekter acquired all the shares of Satmatic Oy. After this transaction Satmatic Oy continued business operations as Harju Elekter wholly-owned subsidiary.

Satmatic Oy is situated in Ulvila near Pori and is a reliable partner and a leading electrical equipment manufacturer in Finland.

Satmatic OY
Sammontie 9, FIN-28400 Ulvila, Finland
Tel. +358 2 5397 800, fax +358 2 5397 810
E-mail: myynti.satmatic (at) tai etunimi.sukunimi (at)