Steands are designed for lighter and smaller installation works. Light consturction allows easy and fast mobility, takes little room and have the ability to be fastened to the wall

Standard specifications

  • Material: Cold rolled steel and hot rolled zinc
  • Powder coated: RAL7035 Grey (others on request)
  • 2x 19" posts
  • Base and upper panel
  • Wall mountable brackets (fixed)

Standard stends

Stends Height    (mm) Base width    (mm) Base depth            (mm)

Internal height

Installation    height* HETEL                code
Stend 19" 24U 1225 570 600 26U 24U FLC0002
Stend 19" 41U 1980 570 600 43U 41U FLC0001
Stend 19" 43U 2070 570 600 45U 43U FLC0008
Stend 19" 45U 2160 570 600 47U 45U FLC0387
* Difference between Internal and Installation height is that the base covers some of the mountable area and thus 2 Units are not installable




  • Flat-packed

Customer specific solutions available on request


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